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Program note

Three small pieces


The Three small pieces for flute duet and electronic sound were written in 2002. They were originally intended to be played by two baroque flutes, but can also be performed on modern flutes. The titles of the three pieces are "The sound of the bell as it leaves the bell", "Interlude", and "Rose pogonia".

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Program note

I. The sound of the bell as it leaves the bell

The title of this piece comes from a poem by Buson. The bell used in the electronic part is a meditation bell, and the music concerns itself primarily with sustained breath and with tuning.

II. Interlude

This piece does not have an electronic part. It is short and simple, at times almost like a memory of a folk-song.

III. Rose pogonia

The Rose pogonia is a beautiful and rather rare rose pink orchid native to the New Jersey Pine Barrens. I saw one once in the Lebanon State Forest on a hot day in July in a very remote area. The place was so isolated that it seemed likely that no other human being had been by that day. Every summer, I now think about the Rose pogonia blooming by the stream, unseen by human eyes.

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